5 Week MMA Training Camp

Written by Danny Valle
Saturday, 28 April 2012

We’re excited to announce a brand new offering at Serra BJJ, one that will build on your current training, broaden your skills and push you to be better than ever.

Serra BJJ’s first 5-Week MMA Training Camp is open to all adult (16 and over) Serra BJJ students, from beginner to advanced students training in BJJ, kickboxing or both. The intensive camp takes place every Saturday and Sunday, from June 2 through July 1, and includes TWO SESSIONS each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The camp will cover the most common and effective strategies utilized in mixed martial arts competition and is the perfect way for you to learn techniques that will enhance your game and add to your experience as a martial artist.

For more information on the camp, or to register, please stop by the front desk in Huntington or Levittown.

Serra BJJ 5-Week MMA Training Camp dates, equipment requirements and weekly schedule:

Times & Dates

  • Every Saturday and Sunday from June 2nd through July 1st
  • 7-9am Session 1 Technique and Strategy
  • 3-5:30pm Session 2 Partner Drills and Training

Equipment Requirements

  • 16-ounce boxing gloves
  • MMA gloves are optional
  • Shin guards
  • Groin cup
  • Mouth piece
  • Head gear

Weekly Schedule (June 2nd - July 1st)

Morning sessions (7-9am) will focus on strategy and technique
Afternoon sessions (3-5:30pm) will consist of partner drills and live training

Saturday, June 2nd - How to Use the Cage Offensively
Sunday, June 3rd - Working Defensively From the Cage

Saturday, June 9th - Over/Under Clinch, Getting the Takedown, Getting to the Clinch
Sunday, June 10th - Over/Under Clinch, Getting the Takedown, Getting to the Clinch

Saturday, June 16th - Proper Ground and Pound From the Top Position, and How to Use to Advance Position
Sunday, June 17th - Defending the Ground and Pound, How to Reverse and/or Get Back to Feet

Saturday, June 23rd - Using Strikes to Get the Takedown and to Pass the Guard
Sunday, June 24th - Using Strikes to Stay on Your Feet, and Avoid the Takedown

Saturday, June 30th - Putting It All Together
Sunday, July 1st - Putting It All Together