2 new brown belts and 1 new blue belt!

Written by Danny Valle
Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Some exciting news today from the Huntington Academy. We have two new brown belts and a new blue belt!

First up, Shawn "The Kid" Aukstakalnis is now officially a brown belt! Shawn is one of those guys that when you think of who are some of our higher skilled guys on the mat, he is right up there on the list. He hates the nickname we gave him, but seriously, he looks like he's 12. Nonetheless, he is a big problem on the mat. Always competing, always on the mat, and always extremely technical. He truly is one of the highlights of our academy.

Our next new brown belt is Eric Sherman! Eric along with Shawn is always training, you can't get these guys off the mat. Eric is a 2 time Pan Am champion and recently placed 3rd in the World BJJ Championships. He's always competing and has won many competitions. He has moved up the ranks faster than your average student, but that is all credit to his superb work ethic and of course his great skill.

Finally, our new blue belt goes to Ramel Allen. Ramel is very new to the academy and since day one, BJJ came very natural to him. He continues to impress us every time and he is definitely one that will be very successful and a standout like our two new brown belts!

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