New Article to Kick the New Year off and Keep you Focused

Written by Billy Hofacker
Tuesday, 05 January 2010

There is a new article in the Member's Area. In this article, I discuss 3 Training Mistakes to Avoid in 2010. Make sure you read it to maximize your training and reach your goals. Some of these mistakes are so common they may surprise you...

One day, a curious teenage daughter asked her mother, “Mommy why do you always cut off a third of the loaf of bread before baking it?” “Because that’s what you’re supposed to do,” responded the mom. “I just don’t understand why you can’t bake the whole thing,” said the young girl. “Well my mother is the one who taught me this. I’ll just call and ask her to settle this once and for all,” said mom. Ring. Ring. “Hello,” says a voice on the other end. “Hi mom. It’s me, your daughter. I just wanted to know why you’re supposed to cut off a third of a loaf (of bread) before baking it.” “Oh no sweetie,” her mother chimes. “You’re not supposed to. I just always did that because our oven was too small and I couldn’t fit the whole loaf. I wish I didn’t have to waste all that bread.”

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